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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) use mapping technology to display raw data in terms of geography, allowing us to visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data in completely new ways. Once mapped, data often reveals previously unnoticed patterns, trends, and relationships. 



Any industry, business, organization, or individual with a geographic component (hint: that's all of them) could potentially benefit from the new perspectives that GIS has to offer.

Mighty Maps was formed in 2015 to offer resources, information, and support for the Louisiana K-12 Esri Education Site Licensed program ArcGIS, both the desktop application and the cloud-based STEM software ArcGIS Online. 


With ArcGIS Online, students have the power to elevate their grades as well as their future careers.


Visit Global Geospatial Institute to inquire and enroll in GIS Courses I and II. These courses can earn you a GIS Industry Based Certificate through the Jump Start program for high school students.



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