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2023-2024 ArcGIS Online Competition Winners 


The Ochsner Health System & Healthcare Access in Louisiana
Anya Chaney-Martinez, 9th Grade, University View Academy
Louisiana's High School Winner

The Ochsner Health System is the largest healthcare provider in the Gulf South. Although it started small in New Orleans, Louisiana, Ochsner has grown to be dubbed the Best Hospital in Louisiana for 12 consecutive years by the U.S. News & World Report. Driven by a mission to serve, heal, lead, educate, and innovate, Ochsner has continuously worked to improve both individual lives and whole communities.

Homicide in Louisiana

Homicide in Louisiana
Christian McMillan, 8th Grade, Port Allen Middle School
Louisiana's Middle School Winner

In 2022 I toured the Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory with my family. The crime Lab was founded in 1937. The lab gives you the ability to explore what its like to work in forensics. On display there are human remains, weapons and even crashed cars. As I walked through the lab I became more interested in topics I knew nothing about.

Middle School Placed
Factory Pipelines

How do chemical plants effect Louisiana?
Trinity Ledet & Shilah Johnson,
7th Grade, Eva Legard Learning Center

Louisiana is greatly effected by power plants, some good and some bad. The good that comes from power plants is not enough to overlook the damages that are done to our community. These power plants affect our air quality, water quality, climate change, thermal pollution and solid waste disposal negatively. These power plants do more than effect our health but also, community.

Fishing village

The Coastal Sea Level Rise
Haasika Parkala & Jordyn Brabham
7th Grade, Eva Legard Learning Center

Sea Level Rise is an increase in the level of the world's oceans due to the effects of Climate change aka Global Warming. Some effects on Sea Level Rise are consequences which include increased intensity of storm surges, flooding, and damage to coastal areas. In addition, solutions for Sea Level Rise are to build flood barriers to protect infrastructure. Flood barriers to protect critical infrastructure include levees, dikes, and seawalls.

Image by Jon Tyson

Mapping Waffle Houses
John Ellison, 
7th Grade, Eva Legard Learning Center

This idea may seem goofy, but a Waffle House is incredibly important for shelter and other places, as it has a codex that determines how safe an area is. This allows people for safe shelter and generally good quality food that allows people to survive in a case like a hurricane, flood, or aftermath of a tornado.

Image by Sidney Pearce

Foods from Louisiana
Ashton Sims & Dejuane Pierre,
7th Grade, Eva Legard Learning Center

This story map is about the foods from Louisiana, like rice, etc. My partner and I love Louisiana food because it's very good and outstanding. Scroll below to see where each of the Louisiana foods originated from.

High School Placed

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