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2016-2017 ArcGIS Online Competition Winners 


Healthy Opportunities for People and Environments- Baton Rouge HOPE
-Katherine Winchester, 7th Grade, St. Aloysius Middle School

Besides the flood in our state, we also had other tragedies in Louisiana. We have become aware of the problem of unsafe areas in our city. Therefore our GIS Club aspired to help them by making a map that highlights the places where people in danger or have nowhere else to go to can have a place to go. 


Dandelion: A Very Benificial Invasive Species
-Megan Dupuy, 12th Grade, Dutchtown High School

The Dandelion is a flower from the daisy family. Its origin is in Eurasia, but it has been introduced to many other places around the world, including North America. 

Middle School Top Five

Partnering H.O.P.E.

-Isabelle Gruner, St. Aloysius Catholic School

Healthy Opportunities for People and Environment 

High School Top Five

This is the site map for Festival International de Louisiane. We will bring you on our journey through our Festival International experience.


Sucession Activity

-Harlee's Group, Dutchtown High School


Tornados of Louisiana

- Pineville High School

A Story Map showing Tornadoes in and around Louisiana

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