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2022-2023 ArcGIS Online Competition Winners 


Echoes From Beyond: The Yellow Fever of 1873
Maya Trutschl, 9th Grade, Caddo Parish Magnet
High School
Louisiana's High School Winner

What lessons can we learn about the history of disease outbreaks and their impact on the community from the yellow fever epidemic and the mass grave located in Oakland Cemetery in Shreveport?


Reptiles in Louisiana
Gloria Pellegrin, 6th Grade, Dularge Elementary School
Louisiana's Middle School Winner

There are three main types of reptiles that live throughout the landscape that Louisiana has to offer. Alligators, turtles, and snakes are known to use their unique skin to blend into places without people or their prey knowing. These reptiles have learned to use their environment to their advantages. It just so happens the environment that suits them is Louisiana's wetlands. Have you noticed them before?

Middle School Placed

Louisiana Zydeco
Morgan Harden, 8th Grade,
McKinley Middle Magnet School

Zydeco is a form of music that originated in Louisiana. It can be heard in many places such as Cajun restaurants, in the streets of New Orleans, and much more. Zydeco was born in the early 80’s in southwest Louisiana. It is a mixture of French, Spanish, African, and Caribbean Influences. A man named Clifton Chenier is known as the king of zydeco because he is believed to be the inventor of this music.


The Life of Louis Armstrong
Alexa Foster and Genesis Villanueva, 7th Grade,
Park Forest Middle School

Louis Daniel Armstrong is a black trumpet performer and vocalist who spent over 30 years performing jazz, from 1920-1971.


Memorials and Monuments in Louisiana
Valeria Rodriguez and Parker Jones, 8th Grade,
Park Forest Middle School

Louisiana has had many impactful historical events. These events are so important they have their own memorials and monuments in our state.


The History of Red Beans and Rice
Maliyah Powell, 6th Grade,
Park Forest Middle School

Red beans and rice is an emblematic dish of Louisiana Creole cuisine. It's traditionally made on Mondays with kidney beans spices and pork bones.

High School Placed

War From a Native's Perspective
Joseph Harden, 12th Grade, 
Liberty High School

This is a personal interview with a native Ukrainian who now loves in my home town. 


Invasive Species
Sean Green, 10th Grade,
St. John STEM Magnet High School Program

A summation of invasive flora and fauna in Louisiana.


Coastal Roots Tackles Coastal Erosion
Russell Bender, 12th Grade,
The Brighton School

Protecting the coast is more than just the coastline. 

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