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2021-2022 ArcGIS Online Competition Winners 


The Unexpected Modernism of the South
Maya Trutschl, 8th Grade, Caddo Middle Magnet
Louisiana's Middle School Winner

National Middle School Winner

How can we utilize geospatial data to show that Shreveport, Louisiana should be recognized as the Design Capital of the Arkansas-Louisiana-Texas region with its complex mid-twentieth-century American architecture, hidden in plain sight in the 21st century?


How Does Yearly Income Affect Suicide Rates in Louisiana
Katherine Winchester, 11th Grade, St. Joseph's Academy
Louisiana's High School Winner

We are all familiar with the popular phrase, "money doesn't buy happiness", which, in a literal sense, is true. However, with millions of people across the globe unable to provide for their basic needs, an unfortunate number fall victim to suicide, trying to escape the constant stress of wondering when their next meal will be. This, along with the shame and stigma attached to poverty gives a hopeless and depressive tone to the lives of the impoverished members of our society.

Middle School Placed
Parker and Valeria.jpg

High Schools in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Parker Jones and Valeria Rodriguez, 6th Grade,
Park Forest Middle School

As sixth graders we wanted to show you the high schools that are in our area, that we may attend. There are many we look forward to!

Te'Viehn and Thomas.jpg

Famous Louisiana
Thomas Dunbar and Te'Vieahn Rivers, 8th Grade,
Park Forest Middle School

There are many famous people from Louisiana, here are a few...

Laniyah and AJ.jpg

Louisiana's Attractions
Laniyah Lagarde and AJ Huynh, 8th Grade,
Park Forest Middle School

The attractions in Louisiana are diverse, and there is something for practically everyone! Explore the state's art galleries and antique shops, or attend a theater play in a lovely old building. At a Cajun dance celebration, you may learn how to peel and eat crawfish. Stop by the state park to smell the flowers, or take a swamp tour to see the grandeur of the bayou. Start arranging your trip with these fun activities.

Lily and Phaedra.jpg

Haunted Louisiana
Lily Tran and Phaedra Scott, 8th Grade,
Park Forest Middle School

Louisiana can be known for many different things. One of the things that Louisiana is known for is the amount of haunted places that we have. I’m going to tell you about some of the famous haunted places.

High School Placed

What Affects Crawfish Population in Louisiana
Susanna Shields, 11th Grade, 
St. Joseph's Academy

This story map explains how the crawfish population is affected by common factors of everyday life in 2022.


Louisiana's Major Shelters in New Orleans
Illias Calzada, 9th Grade,
East St. John High School

New Orleans has many procedures that they go through so that they don't have as many homeless people in the city. There are many nonprofit locations that help homeless people get homes and jobs. There are shelters that take in these people and reform them.  


Mardi Gras in Louisiana
Thien Le, 9th Grade,
East St. John High School

I made this story map because I love Mardi Gras Holiday. In this story map, I will tell you some interesting things about Mardi Gras.


Crawfish Farms in Louisiana
Jazz Bolar, 9th Grade,

East St. John High School

Hi everybody, this is my discovery on crawfish farms. Crawfish farming is a major industry in Louisiana; with Louisiana commercial crawfish farmers providing 85% of domestically produced crawfish to Louisiana markets and across the nation... And that's the summary of Crawfish Farms and I hope you enjoy this presentation.

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