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What's in store for a GIS Professional Development?

Within a GIS Teacher PD, educators will: 

Learn to tap into your student's spatial reasoning to strengthen their problem-solving skills

Obtain Lesson Plans and Exercises that enrich your current curriculum

Leave with new project-based teaching, cross curricula tools that have wide applications

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When you return to your classroom, students will:

- Become active learners and engaged in their own learning

- Develop spatial and geographic reasoning

- Learn to identify and analyze issues impacting their local communities

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The professional workshop is designed to train educators in cutting-edge technology for STEM project-based learning to engage their students inside and outside of the classroom.

It is great opportunity for educators, paras, principals, district personnel and more. 

More training opportunities available here.

Have a question? Need help registering? Don't see a PD near you? Reach out and message Sara at

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