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2017-2018 ArcGIS Online Competition Winners 


How far can a snowball walk?
-Benjamin Brau, 6th Grade, St. Pius X Catholic School

How many steps does it take to get to the closest snowball stand?


-Hunter Gravois, 10th Grade, University View Academy

The story of Louisiana's disappearing wetlands. Louisiana's wetland's have been disappearing in the last couple of decades. This loss is the result of many factors, including the levees disrupting sediment deposition and the dredging of canals.

Middle School Top Five

A City in Need

-Katherine Winchester, St. Aloysius Catholic School

Baton Rouge, A wonderful city in a wonderful state. I have painfully watched the condition of the city deteriorate over the years. I long to see it back to its original beauty, and this is how I will achieve it. 


The G.I.V.E Project

-Andre Laurent, 8th Grade, University View Academy

The G.I.V.E Project focuses on helping those who are not fortunate to have a healthy meal everyday in the Baton Rouge area. 

High School Top Five

Baton Rouge Swamp Blues

- Trevion Washington, Cristo Rey Baton Rouge

Created for GIS Day 2017


Celebrate Baton Rouge 200 Events ~ BR200!


This Story Map consists of the most toxic water sites in Louisiana. ​


Factors of Change in Louisiana

-Vibriyogn Epuri, 12th Grade,

Hammond High Magnet School

This story map walks through the factors that affect Louisiana and its population of Humans, Plants and Animals 


Torbotics Acomplishments

-Maurice Watts, 12th Grade, 

Hammond High Magnet School 

This robotics team is located in Hammond, Louisiana and has been around for almost 12 years. 

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